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Department of Cardiovascular medicine

The hospital fully equipped of the art operating rooms/suites to accommodate open heart surgeries and two operating rooms/suites for cardiac catheterizing, defibrillation/cardio-version. .

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Karbala City

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    The divine words of this sacred chapter of the holy Quran, accompanied by an oath from the lord, attests to a very important yet unrecognized fact by most human beings that is, namely, the great loss and annihilation of Mankind. Rest assured Mankind, as a most noble creature of God, .

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    What is volunteer work? Is a non-profit business major represents Anancih value performed by the individual in order to assist and develop the lives of others of his countrymen or other human societies as absolute and does not provide this work about a particular material reward.The Hospital Project Imam argument (pbuh) act of charity founded on donations and the contribution of the general good and does not belong to any party official business, religious or governmental, but because of the cost of treatment prohibitive at this time will provide the hospital adequate treatment for patients at a nominal amount to cover the costs of treatment. Our goal may God bless and heal our patients..